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T&J Consulting Company

T&J Consulting Company

T&J Consulting Company is based in Markham, Ontario and was established in 1993. Our Consultants has over 15 years of IBM AS/400 and WAF/Content Manager working experience while working in Canada.

Over the years, T&J Consulting Company has gained a reputation in specialization in AS/400 Imaging Technology. Growth and sucess of the company is based on word of mouth from client and reputation in the industry. IBM has continued to serve as an important client to T&J Consulting Company for AS/400 services.

T&J Consulting Company is a fast growing small to medium sized business that has worked with a number of large organizations in various sectors for AS400 and WAF/Content Manager related development projects. The clients list that T&J Consulting Company has worked with but not limited to:
- Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada (C.I.B.C.)
- Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank/BNS)
- Canadian Tire Acceptance Limited
- Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)
- Casino Rama

T&J Consulting Company utilizes a full range of advanced tools and features which will allow for solution customization that is specified by the client. T&J Consulting Company will continuously to work closely together with the client to deliver a cost effective solution that will deliver a solution that will meet the client’s project goal within a budget that meets or exceeds the client’s expectation

A commitment that T&J Consulting Company will always offer to clients is:
- Cost reduction
- Automation of specified business processes
- Satisfaction of the T&J Consulting Company solution
- Submitting agreed deliverables to client as specified in the timelines and budget.
- Competitive costs
- 24/7 support if necessary as per client
- Confidence in the final product delivered by T&J Consulting Company